Galerie Bourseiller

Philippe Bourseiller travels the world in the tradition of the great adventurer-photographers, with a present-day environmental sensibility, even urgency.  His photographs record that which has been forever changed; indeed, many locations are now inaccessible or significantly altered due to climate change.  Mr Bourseiller's work is "a testimony to share, to reflect upon and to take action.” 

Mr Bourseiller 'observes' remote, sometimes dangerous, earth chambres into stunning works of art.  He implores Nature’s extremes and She responds with redolent fury: in volcanoes, in endless expansions of sand and ice and remote villages. He has documented change caused by the forces of nature, by global warming, by upheavals due to geopolitics and the results of pollution and deforestation in over one hundred countries. The goal is to create a record for future generations that he hopes will promote sensitivity to the plants, animals and human beings that have adapted to or been displaced by these transformations.

Mr Bourseillier is currently documenting the dramatic changes in the Earth's potable water sources for UNESCO:  97.5% of the water present on Earth is salt water. Only 2.5% is fresh water......  70% of the fresh water is frozen and the rest is buried in the deep phreatic layers of the Earth......  1.3 billion human beings do not have access to drinking water.....  The consumption of water increased 6x in the twentieth century.....  Agriculture absorbs 70% of the fresh water used.

Mr Bourseiller self-finances his critical work through the sale of museum-framed [3x] limited-edition large-format prints shown below,  For inquiries click here.  Detailed view here password #<3Earth.